Webster’s dictionary defines moment as; an instant, exact or particular short period of  time.   Kristen’s approach to photographing a wedding is approached from the belief of allowing families to be themselves, hence her passionate style captures the essence of the moment, a wry smile, a quick glance, an expression of love, joy, pride, sadness. The heartfelt touch of human emotion captured in that brief moment of time that lives and breathes in a photograph.  These moments and glimpses into the soul of time are as unique and individual as every one of Kristen’s clients.  Her never ending desire to create those special moments with each and every wedding or event she photographs breathes life and the human emotional element into a photographic experience that her clients will cherish for a lifetime. 

Kristen’s love for capturing “the moment” was developed and nurtured as a young girl.  Her foray into professional photography began with a commission to photograph her first wedding at the tender age of 16 years.  The pursuit of her passion next lead her to the prestigious and revered Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA.  Where she graduated with a double degree, a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration Photography and a Minor in Color Technology. Kristen then embarked on a career in professional photography that has lead her to San Francisco, Hermosa Beach and San Diego, California.  She now resides and operates out of the Southern California area. She has traveled to different states and locations to photograph weddings for her clients.  Kristen is adept in all genres of photography from families and couples through her forte, wedding photography. If you are a bride looking to have the special moments of her wedding day captured with a relaxed and unobtrusive style then you are a bride for Kristen Day Photography.    

 The Latin phrase “carpe diem” comes from the roman poet Horace, it means to “seize the day” or even more refined “seize the moment”.  Come let us “Carpe Diem” together